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Pascal  Vernimmen

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Pascal Vernimmen

Born in 1961, Pascal Vernimmen is a Belgian artist who, besides drawing and painting, loves writing poetry and making music. Since his childhood, he started making sketches and drawings but it was his arts' teacher who suggested he should go to the Academy.

Interested in different graphic techniques, he decided to follow the courses at the Higher Academy of Arts in Ghent.

It was here, at the Academy, that he was stimulated to leave the path of realistic drawing and was pushed into developing his own style.

" I was told that my work was too realistic and had to find something else. That is why i started drawing these creatures, all very much alike. In a way, I guess I wanted to revolt against my teachers.

However, I received good critics and so, little by little, i developed my own style. I call this the "pre-style" of my works today.

Actually, I should be grateful to my teachers' comments since they gave me the incentive to express myself in a totally different way; one of which I did not know its excistance.
With age, imagination and themes became important issues in my drawings. I try to reflect what i feel, what happens in our everyday life. That is also the reason why I mostly use brown; it emphasizes what we feel, whereas, in my opinion, the use of colour has no limitations but doesn't reveal emotions like a single colour does.

To me, bister ink is the embodiment of melancholy.
It has such a deep warm colour that it enables me to create what I feel to be necessary in my work.
Happyness, sadness, success and failure are reflected in my work. Every drawing is a frozen moment that can be compared with a photograph.
I try to give the viewer the opportunity to look and discover those things he recognizes and transpose them into her or his personal life.

The creatures' diversity is no more than an optic refreshment as they all carry the same link...the acts of human kind. In a way, we are all being silly, wise, interesting, dumb or clever and I take these emotions under my imaginary microscope to give them a visualised rebirth."

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