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Niloufar Tehrani

Interior Design:
1-Design and carrying out of several villas.
2-Interior design of a restaurant on Fatemi Street.
3- Interior design of Ghazal book shop (third floor of Capital Computer Center)
4- Interior design of a doctor's office. in Haft-e tir Sq.
5- Interior design of a jeweler's shop on Mirdamad St.

Architectural Projects:
1) Design and construction of custom made wood products in Sayeh Designs own carpentry workshop.
2) Design and construction of custom made metal products in a factory on Karaj road.
3) Design and construction of products made of concrete, polymers and baked clay.
4) Residential house on Marvdashrt street, Tehran.
5) Kerman comprehensive project
6) Nimeye Shaban Hospital, Sari, with the area of 6000 SM.
7) Renovation of Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital, Chalus.
8) Renovation of surgery ward and operating theaters of Shahiid Beheshti Hospital, Nowshahr.
9) Saba mushroom production factory, Sari, area 2000 SM.
10) Residential complex of Mr. Shahidi Sari area 800 SM.
11) Arak mushroom production factory, area 6000 SM.
12) Rokh Building, Sari, Area 600 SM.
13) Residential /Administrative complex on Motahari, Soleyman Khater St, Tehran
14) Commercial complex at the junction of Jomhouri and Hafez streets, area 5000 SM.
15) 18 - Story residential complex on Chizar, Neda Sq. Tehran. area, 6000 SM,
16) Renovation and completion of "Abhar Plast" factory, Abhar, area 7 hectares.
17) Residential complex of Mr. Abolghasemi in Niavaran, Teheran, Area 1350 SM.
18) Residential complex of Mr. Ouj in Saadat Abbad, Tehran, area 800 SM.
19) Jordan (Amanieh) Residential Complex, Teheran.
20) Residential house in Rah-Ahan town.
21) Vanak Residential House Tehran.
22) Hadd Electronic factory on Karaj - Tehran road, area 10000 SM.
23) Renovation of part of Baharlou Hospital in Rah-Ahan, area 2500 SM.
24) Residential house of Mr. khademi Rah-Ahan town, Tehran.
25) Swimming pool and sports complex of nursing and obstetric faculty, Tehran.
26) Urban prefabricated houses
27) Rural prefabricated houses of Bonyad -e Maskan-e Engheklab -e Eslami.

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