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Ali  taghva

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Ali taghva

Date of birth: 1974
Rasht ( Khoshke-bijar )

1990:Getting graphic diploma from the school of art in rasht.

1994:Holding the first group painting fair (me and my students)in khoshke-bijar

1996:Taking part in the eighth young dramatic art festival in kerman, rankfirst and got diploma of honor in painting.

Holding the second group painting fair in Rasht(all the attendance of the kerman festival took part).

Entrance into azad uneversity in the field of painting.

1997:Taking part in first annul painting fair of the student in The contemporary art museum.

2000:Getting BA in painting.

- Marriage.

Taking part in Iran contemporary design fair in the Barg Gallery.

2001:Hollding the first professional fair in the Seyhoun Gallery .

All these design are desineg in the wintter of 1999.

All of designs have been made right there on the spot.

All artworks presented here are dedicated to my Shila Ghanbari, my wife.

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