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Maryam  Shirinlou

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Maryam Shirinlou

Maryam Shirinlou was born
on November 5, 1966 in Tehran, Iran.

She lived in Iran until the age of 12. She went to high school and college in USA, and obtained her BA in Art 2-D (graphic design & painting/drawing) in 1990 from California State University Northridge.

She also studied yoga and meditation extensively and worked as a yoga instructor for many years.

Artistic vision and creativity led to the world of mysticism, and eventually spiritual philosophy enriched and influenced her art works.

Maryam's technique of work is essentially mixed media collage using paper and glue and also other materials. She has 2 styles of work. She usually uses the same technique of collage in both styles.

Style 1:

Figurative collages usually expressionist.

Style 2:

Calligraphic collages inspired by Persian and Arabic writing and mystical poetry and also sometimes cuneiform writing.

You may view works from both of these styles on this same web page in 2 separate galleries.

??I believe life is part of a huge fantastic play; a play which we all participate in and contribute to, for the better or for the worst, during our brief passage upon this planet. In my Art works, I play with form; play with material; play with paper; play with scripts; play with ideas and emotions which are the basic stuff of every individual??s life; and I also play with my favorite poems.

I am fascinated by the twists and turns the paper and glue can create together spontaneously on the canvas. So my technique of work is usually collage. I like experimenting with different materials and I enjoy their dance together.

Yet I have developed two separate styles of work.My initial style of painting has been expressionistic figurative, a quest through the full spectrum of human emotions, especially my own. In these works I have tried to express the human drama with its wide range of different sensations and feelings which constantly pass through us and shape our lives. I am much fascinated by the momentary mimics, expressions, gestures, and body language, which speak volumes, and I attempt to capture these expressions on canvas.

My admiration for the graceful and elegant form of Persian and Arabic writing has led me to develop a second style of painting, while still continuing with my figurative collages. In these other works I have tried to experiment with calligraphy in a very raw and basic way using my usual technique of collage. I may use the scripts only as pure form without specific meaning, or I may work with poetry, trying to reflect its meaning in the painting. I often use Persian mystic poetry, mostly from Mawlana (Rumi), as well as poems from Hafez; I also sometimes use Arabic verses from the Quran.

I have had an inclination towards mysticism and spirituality since an early age. I studied yoga and Vedanta philosophy for some time and I am enchanted to find the same golden truths essentially reflected everywhere in all traditions of the world only in different languages. One of my main objectives is to be able to reflect this unity in my future works.


1- Mansoureh Hosseini Gallery - Tehran

One-man exhibition / figurative - fall 1994

2- Nezami Building - Tehran

Group exhibition / figurative - winter 1994

3- Private Residence - Tehran

One-man exhibition / figurative - spring 1996

4- Golestan Gallery - Tehran

Group exhibition / calligraphic - summer 1998

5- Golestan Gallery - Tehran

One-man exhibition / calligraphic - winter 2000

6- Tarh-o-Rang Gallery - Tehran

Group exhibition / calligraphic - fall 2001

7- Ejlas Building - Tehran

Group exhibition / calligraphic - fall 2001

8- Tarh-o-Rang Gallery - Tehran

One-man exhibition / calligraphic - winter 2001


1- DENA a group of contemporary Iranian women artists

Please visit DENA web page on this same site

2- Visual Arts Association of Iran

Figurative Style - Poet - 1994

The Poet - Mixed media collage - 110 X 90 cm - 1995

Calligraphic Style - Untitled -

Untitled - Mixed media collage - 70 X 50 cm - 1999

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