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Shirin  Ettehadie

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Shirin Ettehadie

Shirin Ettehadieh offers us works, which bring, about a subtle rupture with reality. The discreet union between the colors, put side by side with dark forms, in an informal universe, strongly stimulates our perception of the window opened upon a dream - like world, which is but the realm of painting. The strokes of her paintbrush have a plural evocation. They inspire fluid forms, which could be either waves, clouds, dunes or meanders of a river. In other words, evasion is omnipresent in shirin's compositions. The degraded sensuousness keeps caressing our retina so that finally makes it float on this stream of rarely contrasted colors, and thus, drift us to the spirituality. It is towards a quest for an energic and symbolic relief that the artist charms us with her paintings.

Pascal Vanhoecke.
Paris Dec 1996.

Professional Studies

1980 - 1982 Ecole Du Louvre Paris. (Histoire de dessin)
1973 - London Certificate in Art and Design (with distinction) polytechnic of south bank.
1973 - Licentiate of society of artists and designers (LSIA)
1979 - Foundation of ketab - e - Azad - (Bookshop)

Individual Expositions

Barg Gallery Sept 2000
Arya Gallery Sept 1999 (Portraitur)
Barg Gallery Sept 1998
Pascal Vanhoecke - Gallery Parsi Dec 1996
Ketab - e- Azad Tehran Nov 1996
Seyhoun Gallery Tehran May 199 4
Novine Gallery Isphahan June 1993
Sabz Gallery 1993
Golestan Gallery Tehran march 1992
Ketab - e - Azad Yearly exposition: 1980 - 1984
Collective expositions
5th International Biennale of Sharjah
1st International Biennale of Islamic art Nov 2000 Tehran
1st International Drawing exposition museum of modern art Tehran Dec 99
Daryabegy Gallery - Tehran may 1996
Niavaran cultural center - Tehran Oct 1995
International Commective Exposition of Montreux Switzerland (4th Price) Sep 1994

Second Biennal Modern Art Museum Nov 1993
Atalant Gallery Evian les Bains France June 1991
French Embassy Tehran June 1986
Modern Art Museum Tehran (Women painters) June 1984

Press Revues

Entekhab Iranian Daily Sept 2000
Ghods Daily Sept 1998
Adineh Iranian Monthly 1994
La Dauphine Libere Daily - South east region France 1992
Le Messager Haut Savoyar Weakly - France Dec 1992
Le Dauphine Libere Nov 1992
Abrar Iranian Daily Mars 1991
Mofide Iranian Monthly Oct 1989

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