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M. Ali  Shakeri Rad

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M. Ali Shakeri Rad

· M.A. in Architecture

· Administrative management course

· B.A. in Interior design Aichitecture

· Teachers traning deploma

· Highschool :Mathematics Dimloma- Some of Exhibitions :

· Painting Exhibition at friendship socity of Iran and other countries

· Biannual Painting exhibition

· Monsoureh Hoseini?s Gallery

· Daryabeigi Gallery

· Sabz Gallery

· Barg Gallery

· Khorsand gallery

· Vaali Gallery

· Iran cinema socity painting exhibition

· Many group Exhibitions in Tehran galleries

Other Activities:

· Teaching in Tehran Art University , Alzahra University , Azad University , Jahad University and some other Art Universities and colleges of Iran

· Principalship of Art college Azad University

· Principle of Architecture Department of Azad university

Books , articles and speeches :

· Man , Nature Design ( 2 volumes) , Payam-e-Noor University

· Inscriptions geometry and creativity in fine arts ( 3 volumes)

· Art is a thoughtful phenomena , article in Music of Iran

· Man , nature ,creative art , Art Quarterly

· Influence of myths in Iranian art , Art college of Azad University · Form in Architecture , Civil Engineering University - Studies

Researches :

· Thirty years of study on Myths of Ancient Iran ( this series is being published )

Mohammad Ali Shakeri Rad

Mohammad Ali Shakeri Rad

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