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Shahin  Torkzaban

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Shahin Torkzaban

Shahin Torkzaban
Place of birth : Ahwaz -Iran
Date of birth : 1961
Education:M . A . degree in graphic-2000-from university of Al-zahra Thran-Iran
B . A . degree in graphic , university Al-zahra , Tehran-Iran-1991

Professional Experience
1986-2002 art and servicing ,sign illustration book package design, poster design ,book cover design
1989 printing and compiling and designing two pre-school books
1990-1995 t.v Graphic unit
1990-1995 take part in graphic team exhibition
1991 first Graphic individual exhibition
1992 second Graphic individual exhibition
1994 third Graphic individual exhibition
1995 instructore and judge for visuals festival belonging to students throughout the country
1995-2002 an instructor in Graphic industrial school and a university professor
1996-1997 a judge and instructor for incarnation arts and choosing the best students throughout the country.
1996 a film observer and take part in art team exhibitions.
1996-2002 acting some tv serials for children and films suchas: Tangna,Mesle zendegi,ect.
1996&1999 take part in international art Triehhale exhibitions Majdanek-lublin-Poland
1996-2001 creating 50 paintings with religlous ,eultural ,imaginary themes
2002 creating some tableaus (calligraphic painting ) in the name of Allah and God is great themes technique used in the illvstration and (calligraphic painting) akolin, guhash-crayoh
2000 take part in the 10th international design competition Osaka, Japan-2001.

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