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Shirin  Pilehvari

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Shirin Pilehvari

Born 1969, Tehran, Iran.

B.A. in Painting from Fine Arts University.
M.A in illustration from Art University.

Individual Exhibitions

1995 Golestan Gallery
1998 Golestan Gallery
1999 Barg Gallery
1999 Barg Gallery
2002 Golestan Gallery

Group exhibitions

1994 Golestan Gallery
1995 Golestan Gallery
1995 Manifestation of feeling Niavaran Cultural Center
1995 Khaneh Sooreh
1996 Golestan Gallery
1996 Manifestation of feeling Niavaran Cultural Center
1996 Bahman Culturat Center
1997 Golestan Gallery
1997 Sarv Gallery
1997 Attending the fair on the occasion of the meeting of the heads of countries via the Contemporary Art's Museum International fair
1998 Golestan Gallery
1998 Barg Gallery
1999 Golestan Gallery
1999 Mrs. Lazareyan Private Gallery
1999 Barg Gallery
2000 Mrs. Lazareyan Private Gallery
2000 Members of Iranian Painters society in Khaneh honarmandan
2000 Barg Gallery
2001 Mrs. Lazareyan Private Gallery
2001 Golestan Gallery
2001 Tarh va Rang Gallery
2001 Khaneh Honarmandan Gallery
2001 Bahman Cultural Center
2001 Khaneh Honarmandan Gallery in Sanandaj
2002 Tarh va Rang Gallery
2002 Golestan Gallery
2002 Painting and sculpture for the benefit of the people attacked by the Earthquake held in Zanjan, Gazvin and Hamedan.
2002 Asar and Aryan Gallery

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