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Kaveh  Kazemi

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Kaveh Kazemi

Kaveh Kazemi ‎
Born in Tehran - October 1952‎‎ ‎

I Studied photography at West Surrey College of Art & Design in England and returned to Iran in October 1978 and started my career at the height of Islamic Revolution.
I have worked with major international magazines as a freelance photographer in the past 25 years and my pictures have appeared in Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Stern, Spiegel, Focus, Parismatch, l'Express, Vsd, Le Figaro Magazine, Le Point , Courrier International and Geo magazine.......
One of those pictures is Internationally acknowledged "Crying Soldier" which was taken on the first trip to the western front and
beginning of war with Iraq. This photo has become a "War Classic" of this conflict and has been recognized by many photography establishments worldwide.‎‎

I first started working internationally in 1984 when I moved to Paris and based myself there for four years and returned to Iran in 1988.
Amongst countries visited are Northern Ireland, Nicaragua, Cuba, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and USA.

In 1991 during the Gulf War, I was in Baghdad for three weeks - saw and
photographed what you see on LIVE TV nowadays and revisited Iraq in May 2003 after The Fall of Saddam Hussein.

My permanent base is now IRAN where I continue to live and cover events.
In this gallery you will see my reportage on Zorostrians.






Zoroastrian Community in Iran / Photo Reportage

I spent two years photographing Zoroastrians in Iran because I was concerned that in a few years time, there may not be as many monuments or typical villages left for future generations to see.

It was my intention from the beginning to see the struggle of this surviving community in the purest and the most traditional way, so there are no signs of modern life in my reportage. It is, as if, a photographer took these photos five hundred or a thousand years ago.

I focused on Iran because it is the motherland of Zarathustra. The photos are mainly taken in Yazd and its surrounding area where one will still find some of the typical villages and people, the old monuments, the holy places and their various ceremonies. The rest of the reportage was done in Tehran.

This project involved many trips to the region and a lot of searching and researching. I believe that such an extensive/detailed photo documentation has never been done on Zoroastrians. This is therefore a unique compilation.

Geo magazine in France which is one of the most prestigious photo magazines, printed ten color pages on this story in March 1997.

I have been a professional photojournalist since 1978 and am 50 years old and live and work in and out of Iran.

It is my intention to eventually publish a book on the Zoroastrians of Iran and would welcome a potential publisher or sponsor.

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