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Fariborz Joghan

Tazhib and Illumination Artist.

Fariborz Fakhri Joghan, was born on May 18 1969.He started his career as a painter in 1995 and soon after that, he devoted himself to Iranian traditional painting worldwide known as miniature and illumination and become a professional artist.

Although he quits the Tehran final high school before official graduation in 1987 but ever since his vigorous initiation, he has been well known because of his specific style and artistic taste.

He has participated in every biennial of traditional painting and usually been appreciated.

In 1991, he won the youngest illumination artist award and his artworks were bought by the Tehran Contemporary Art Museum and in other biennales in 1993, 1995, 1997 and 1999. He held his own individual exhibitions in "seyhoon" art gallery in Tehran in 1996 which was counted as a perfect success; and later in 1998 he participated in a group exhibition in the famous "Seyhoon" art gallery again, were his works of art were appreciated widely by the art fans.

He has now reached a unique style and artistic perfection that is seen in his art works, reminding the ancient Islamic painting pureness while possessing an artistic modern taste shining through.

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