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Jennie Eriksson

Web designer / Freelance Photographer

Born : 27, july , 1976. Stockholm, Sweden.

"Is the universe indefinate? When people say forever, what do they mean? Their lifetime or forever ?
If I'd tell you I often get stressed and upset, I'd lie and I don't. Lie that is.
If I'd get lost in a huge forest I would not look at the sun. I would simply walk the same way back I came from.
Ice should be something people put in drinks, not a reason for cars to crash, people to break their legs and me to freeze.
There is only one thing as solid as a stone, not many people know what though. There is no such thing as a heart of stone.
If I were to walk in a jungle I'd be more afraid of spiders than lions.
The year I was born was the same year Bjorn Borg won Wimbeldon for the first time. If that makes me 25, what does it make him? =)
I am a woman. Or a girl. Or a bitch. Or a loving girlfriend. Or a future wife. I am no one special. I'm just me. And that is all I always have been, are and will be. Me.
My favourite tool is my thoughs. My second favourite tool is letters. You know, the alphabet. I love making up words and putting sentences together."

Golvmastarna AB
Livsgladje AB
Sol & Pool.

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