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Firouzeh Tajadod

A selection of paintings from the work of artist Firouzeh Tajadod entitled “Gifts from the heart - one woman’s journey through the essence of Chinese pictograms” Firouzeh graduated with distinction from Chelsea School of Art in 1976.

Soon afterwards she began her study of Tai Chi. The inspiration she received from this is evident in her approach to painting . This work is characterised by vibrant colours and simple strokes that combine Firouzeh’s Persian background with her affinity for Chinese culture. “ Gift from the Heart - one woman’s journy ” trace the connection of our humanity and values through the essence of Chinese pictograms. “ I have always had a fascination with words and especially pictograms which are the root children’s drawing language. This, coupled with the contrast of stillness and movement is the inspiration for these new works.The artist presents this collection as a gift from her heart to the people of Persia.
Firouzeh can be contacted in London on ( 0044 ) 207723 4155 Tehran on ( 009821 ) 671 2367

The character for "Ren" - a person is made up of two strokes, like that of the person standing with legs astride, the way we stand and walk on the earth, effects our planet,
-these images are energy pictures.

"Ren" means "benevolence"- the ideogram combines the radical for human being, showing the trunk and the legs of a person, with the pair of horizontal strokes that denotes "two".
It is also the first of the four virtues considered by Confucians to be innate in humans. It can also be translated as "Kindness" or "Humanity". The ideas are inseparable-, as are the strokes that make up the ideogram.
Therefore "Ren" or "benevolence" is the essential kindness that one shows to another person.
"Ming" means "Enlightened" or "Bright".

It seems fitting that the character describing our understanding that all things are one should be itself supremely simple. Composed of two ancient pictograms in their modern stylized form for the sun and the moon.

A round primitive sun drawing, "Yueh" by crescent moon, originally represented "Ri" and together (literally and symbolically) they light the world.
The above detailed ideograms are used, either as a focused in the painting or as backdrop for the colors, whilst at other times they are hidden in the overall image of the painting. A play in words-one woman's journey. Having studied for years the traditional Chinese techniques of painting, Firuzeh has blended these with her own experimentation with the use of felt tip pens and of collage.
The result is a unique and modern style, drawing from ancient traditions, through witch is clearly evident the artists passion for her work as a healer and teacher. Her work has an international appeal and is rapidly gaining a following and recognition. Her work has been sold in Hong Kong and in Germany. Firuzeh has just had a very successful exhibition in London at the Wigmore Hall. She exhibits regularly in Wales, Scotland and London.

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