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Dena Group

DENA is the name of a beautiful mountain peak in Iran. It is also a female name in Persian.

We were inspired to use this name because we are a group of contemporary Iranian women artists.

DENA represents both the feminine and the Persian aspects of our group, and also our great reverence for nature, the primary mother of all creation and creativity.

The purpose of DENA is to promote the works of contemporary Iranian women artists in Iran and abroad through national and international group exhibitions and exchanges.

Our group consists of some well known and also some younger generation artists with a wide range of different styles, techniques and backgrounds.

Below are represented the members of DENA in alphabetical order. You can view 5 works from each individual artist by clicking on their name separately.

You may contact DENA by e-mail, we would be glad to hear from you:

Bahar Behbahani

Aria Shokuhi Eghbal

Raana Farnoud

Shahla Habibi

Mitra Kavian

Nasrin Khosravi

Farideh Lashai

Farah Ossuli

Shahrzad Ossuli

Maryam Shirinlou

Gizella Varga Sinai

Parvaneh Zandian

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