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Bahram Dabiri

The life in brief

Born on December 1950 in shiraz, he is a tiger on Chinese and archer on the Greek calendars. On 1966, he mighrated to Tehran with the family and entered the School of Fine Arts of Tehran University four years later. On 1975, he got his undergraduate degree in painting.

The works in brief

A keen look at the contents of his works shows three specific periods of mental and artistic process in him.

Years of romance

1.????? Years of romance (1971-78). The works of this period are form the school years and the short years afterwoard. These are romantic and surrealistic works colored by flash patints that refect his dreams and mightmares in those days. His attraction to the lines and loging to draw body, keeps him working for endless hours.

Years of larg screens

2.????? Years of large screens (1978-84). This period coincides with early years of the revolution in Iran. Being influenced by social emotions, his works are persented on large screens with historic and social messages addressed to the general public.

Years of enlightment

3.????? Years of enlightenment (1984-onward). After the second period, he began his endless search and offort to experience all materials and technics, The contents of the works becamse still life, mythology, Iranian historic and artistic heritage, His struggle to experience more, led him to bring up and enhance the Shiraz School and Manichean painting in his latest works. In these years he experienced the functional arts to bring the modern painting into the peopl?s homes. His works with ceramics, forged steel, felt pads and ?gabbeh? are explicit samples.




1968-Sepeed Gallery, Tehran

1976-Gote' Institute, Tehran

1976-Seyhoon Gallery, Tehran

1977-Shared Exhibition with Hanibal Al Khas. Naqsh Gallery, Tehran

1977-Shared Exhibition with Hanibal Al Khas. Shyraz.

1978-Tehran Gallery.

1979-Museum of Contemporary Arts, Reopening, Tehran.

1979-Live Painting Show, Bagh Ferdows, Tehran.

1980-Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran.

1980-Wall Painting, Khazaneh Bus Terminal, Tehran.

1980-Iranian Writers & Artists Assembly, Tehran.

1980-Exhibition on Tour, Southern Caspian Coasts.

1981-Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran.

1984-Still Life studies exhibitions,private workshop, Tehran.

1984-Landscape studies exhibition, private workshop, Tehran.

1985-Mythologic studies exhibition, private workshop, Tehran.

1986-Portraits exhibition, private workshop, Tehran.

1987-Iranian Mythologic Drawings exhibition, private workshoip, Tehran.

1988-Nashr Noghreh, Tehran.

1989-Pafar Gallery, Tehran.

1990- 70 Works, private viewing, Tehran.

1991-Birds & Looks, open air exhibition, Darakeh Mountains, Tehran.

1991-Collages, Golestan Geller, Tehran.

1992 - Shared Exhibition with Hanibal Al Khas, Abit Gallery, Babol.

1993 - Shared exhibition with Ebrahim Haghighi, Abi Gallery, Babol.

1993 - Aria Gallery, Tehran.

1994 - Sayboon Gallery, Tehran.

1995 - Felt Pads, Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

1997- Felt Pads ? Second Generation ? Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

1996 -Felt Pads ? Second generation ? Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

1996-Eching & Drawing, private viewing, Tehran.

1997-Studies in Shiraz School, private exhibition, Tehran.

1998-Dabiri?s Chichens, golestan Gallery, Tehran.

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