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    About Persiadesign

    Iranian Art Portal

    Persiadesign is a non-profit online gallery, run by artists and sponsored by Persiadesign Inc., a design studio in Tehran-Iran, created to expose emerging artists to the public, collectors, and "brick and mortar" galleries who might be interested in presenting their work. We take no commission on any sales -- 100% of sales proceeds go directly to the artists.

    For recent news items, check our news page

    One of the benefits of being selected for a Persiadesign Exhibition is our archive-- we keep a running archive of every artist's work we've ever published. Take a look at the archives.

    If you have questions about Persiadesign, check out our about sections. We have two FAQs, one for professional artists and one people who are interested in experimental projects. If you still have questions you can contact us and we will answer your questions via email. Remember to include your email address so that we can respond.

    For Pro artists there are two ways to apply. You can apply online if you have jpegs of your artwork, or for those of us not so technically inclined you can apply by mail.

    Hope you enjoy Persiadesign, thanks for your time.